Srikanth A Nair

One trusted professional.
Many areas of expertise.
Decades of experience.

Christocentric service.

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My Seven Strengths

Your Seven Gains



You want to discuss current business challenges and future plans in plain language. You need someone trustworthy and wise who understands you and genuinely wants to help you. You don't want an "expert" but a down-to-earth person who cares for your business like you do. I would love to become the trusted advisor on whom you can rely.



You have identified the problem, and you know that technology can help but you're not sure how to proceed. You need someone who understands your problem, has strong grasp of available as well as emerging technologies and can piece things together to articulate the solution. I would love to hear your problem and solve it with you.



You already have a solution, but you don't know how to move forward. You need someone who not only understands the solution but can also bring it to life using the right technology stack. Whether it is incorporating AI, implementing automation, or building a solution from the ground up, I can do it with you OR manage freelancers to do it for you.



You know your business doesn’t need full-time IT staff or a full-blown Managed Service Provider (MSP). You just need on-demand access to an experienced and friendly IT professional to keep an eye on systems, help you utilise solutions like Microsoft 365 better, protect your business from cyberthreats, ensure mission critical data is backed up and provide excellent IT support for you and your staff. I am all you need.



You recognise marketing is something you are not currently doing well or at all. You want prospects to learn about your business without having to blindly trust "SEO experts" who promise top ranking, so long as you are willing to sink top dollars into Google. You need someone creative who understands marketing. From building and maintaining websites to leveraging social media, I can help you organically market your business.



You don't want to trust someone else to do everything. You are keen for yourself and your staff to learn and get hands-on training on tools and technologies that will help you run your business better and your staff to be more efficient. You want an experienced and qualified industry professional who is also a seasoned and passionate educator. I am certain you and your staff will enjoy my teaching, like my former students.



You are very technology savvy, and you love to learn new things and figure things out yourself, but you don't have the time to do it because you have a business to run. You choose to rely on me because you have on-demand access to the wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills I possess. You acknowledge that because I am constantly learning new things and upskilling myself, you don't have to, and you can keep relying on me.


Srikanth is the ultimate professional. Sri operates at an extremely high calibre of professionalism, honesty and integrity which is the biggest strength to Sri.
We chose to follow Sri when he set up Mustard Seed IT because we had faith that he would deliver on his promises and, as such, add real value to our business by taking away our concerns about our IT solutions.

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